29 jan

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Edital de Bolsas de Pesquisa da ABFR

Projeto “Apoio à Pesquisa Construtiva no Brasil sobre a Existência de Deus”

Ordem de Classificação das Propostas Contempladas – Resultado Final


  Coordenador da Equipe/Proponente Título da Proposta/Tema
Daniel De Luca (FAJE) The Divine and the Experience of Natural Beauty
Fabio Bertato (UNICAMP) Formal Approaches to Natural Theology
Guilherme Cardoso (UFOP) Divine Liars and Omniscience
Luiz Helvecio Segundo (UFSC) God, Naturalism, and the Evolution of Human Cognition
Ricardo Silvestre (UFCG) The Rationality of Theistic Belief and the Plausibility of the Concept of God
Bruno Nascimento (UFRN) A Development of the “Arguments from Reason” to God
Bruno de Sousa (UnB) Basic Belief in God and the Burden of Proof
Marciano Spica (UNICENTRO) Theism, Syncretism and God Creativity: a New Approach to an Old Problem
Daniel Rodrigues da Costa (USP) Why Intrinsicist Theories For Knowledge of God Incur in Theistic Personalism, and Why This is a Mistake
10º Cristiano Dutra Batista (UFOP/UnB) Open Theism, God`s Foreknowledge and Free Will
11º Gustavo Leal Toledo (UFSJ) Does the problem of Evil need a Kuhnian turn?